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The main duty of the National Medicine Laboratory is to carry out testing, analysis and scientific research of drugs in order to deliver safe, effective and qualitative medicines to the public for public consumption as per the provisions of the Drugs Act 2035 and the rules made there under, as well as National Drug Policy 2051 and the National Health Policy 2076. In order to ensure that the medicines are safe, effective and qualitative NML provides testing services from qualified and trained analysts and aims at providing transparency, accountability, impartiality and uniformity in its services.

National medicines laboratory established pursuant to section 6 of Drug Act 2035 is the principle organization to perform scientific research, testing and analysis of drugs. Objectives of National Drug Policy 2051 BS (1995 AD) aims to set up a well equipped quality control laboratory with trained staff under the Ministry of Health and Population to carry out the testing, analysis and standardization of drugs. Policy Strategies of National Drug Policy states that National Medicines Laboratory will be developed as an independent National Quality Control Laboratory and under this organizational structure Regional Drug Testing Laboratory will be set up in a phase wise manner.

Apart from testing of finished products NML aims at screening the impurities present in various APIs to safeguard the public health of general people. NML also aims to provide the international standard quality testing and analysis facility which is accepted internationally by getting accreditated to ISO 17025:2017. NML participates in various PT and ILC activities. NML conducts good laboratory practice audits for quality control laboratories of industries and other laboratories to ensure that good practices are being followed while testing of drugs.

National Medicine Laboratory is always committed to provide testing and analysis services in a fair and reliable manner through use of new technology and skilled manpower. Feedback and comment from the NML service users are highly appreciated for its continual improvement.

Shailesh Kumar Jha

Acting Director